If the job could speak, what would it say?

Benchmarks provide reliable measurements to determine best fit applicants and progress in performance.

Are you eliminating subjectivity and bias from your Team’s decision making?

Selecting successful residents is largely predicated on an assumption that the best predictor in future performance is medical student past performance. While this assumption may be partly correct, professional achievement  during residency is the result of a combination of cognitive abilities, psychomotor skills, experience, interpersonal skills, motivational and affective attitudes, and the quality of character. Without the science of performance many of these qualities can only be subjectively addressed.

Eliminating subjectivity and bias from your decision making:


Scilectics objectivity in our assessment services is impartial for all diversities.

It is essential to benchmark every resident’s position with precisional clarity and exactness. The Ideal is foundational to provide objectivity for comparing applicants, assessing residents’ progress or reviewing a position’s purpose. Vital to benchmarking is reliability and accuracy through the science of performance. Scilectics unique knowledge and extensive experience provides comprehensive benchmarking through implementation of the Science of Selection®.

Fundamental to the benchmarking process:

  • Purpose of the position
  • Expectations in performance
  • Key accountabilities
  • Priority of activities
  • Time requirements
  • Attributes of judgement
  • Motivation
  • Behavior